Contract Logistics Pharma & Healthcare

We offer a wide range of individual country solutions in the industry, to help your strategic market planning.
We coordinate the relevant choices from our integrated network of distribution centres and warehouses throughout the geographical area you require.
If your business model (e.g. specialist biological products) demands European distribution from one central warehouse or a number of regional warehouses, we can provide it.
By co-operating with Alloga, you can concentrate on growing your business while we secure your distribution channels and information flows. In addition to this you will avoid the internal costs of distribution, thus enhancing your efficiency and return on investment.
Our contract logistics services include:

Physical logistics

  • Receiving and control
  • Order picking, packing, preparation and dispatch
  • Consignment checking, recording and verification for each batch
  • A wide range of delivery options
  • Inventory management - tracing and archiving
  • Management of promotional materials

Transportation solutions

  • Pan-European transport specification based on GDP compliance against which suppliers are audited
  • National / cross-border coverage for FTL, LTL and parcels
  • Dedicated and consolidated /shared-user solutions for all classes of products including narcotics
  • Active cold chain and Passive (validated) cold chain packaging
  • Direct to Pharmacy Deliveries (DTP)
  • Direct to Patient deliveries
  • Fully integrated consignment tracking and reporting

Technical competence

  • Temperature-controlled and humidity-regulated storage (2-8°C to 15-25°C)
  • Refrigerated transit or validated packaging
  • Specialist handling for short shelf life and technical products
  • High-security and legislation-compliant storage
  • Full recall management processes


  • Order processing and price maintenance
  • Order fulfilment


  • Information, assistance and local market knowledge
  • Sales and stock reporting
  • Key performance indicators (KPI) reporting
  • Regular client reviews