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Cold Chain Management

Cold Chain Management

Offering over 20 years of experience in healthcare cold chain logistics, Alloga ensures that your products are handled with the specialist care and the attention that they require

Our Range of Cold Chain Solutions

Alloga offers specialist cold chain storage solutions for all product temperature requirements including aerosols, hazardous goods, APIs, and controlled drugs. Temperatures available include 15-25°C controlled, refrigerated 2-8°C, frozen -24°C, and cryogenic -170°C. Other ranges available on request.

Our Range of Cold Chain Solutions

Uninterrupted Cold Chain

Alloga stores and transports pharmaceutical products in accordance with product and security requirements. Our client’s valuable stock is treated as if it were our own, and we maintain cold chain integrity throughout each step of the delivery process.

Cold chain management
99 Stock accuracy


Stock accuracy of over 99.99%

Ambient Pallets


530,000+ ambient pallets

Chilled Pallets


19,005+ chilled pallets

Our Process

Step 1 Product by Product Basis


Alloga’s cold chain logistics process is defined on a product-by-product basis.

Step 2 Cold Chain Storage


Our cold chain processes are Standard Operating procedure (SOP) driven, placing stock integrity and information accuracy at the forefront of everything we do.

Step 3 Get in Touch


Get in touch with the Alloga team to get started.

Related Technology

Related Technology

Alloga’s market leading technology supports robust and flexible integrations with internal logistics management systems. Learn more about our platforms and integration services here.

Alloga Gateway

Alloga Gateway

The Alloga Gateway offers near real time data for all stock stored within Alloga system at any given point.

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Technical Integration Service

Technical Integration Service

Alloga’s Technical Integration Service enables easy integration between our system and those of our clients

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Speak to a Specialist

Speak to a Specialist

Get in touch with our international logistics network experts to find out how Alloga can help you build efficient and reliable supply chain solutions.

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