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Case Study: How an Alloga App helped LEO Pharma tackle legislation changes around Sampling

POSTED IN: Sampling on 22 March 2019 by alloga

Company profile:

LEO Pharma UK always aim to lead the way in establishing patient support programmes and joint working initiatives in their specialist areas. LEO also carries out clinical studies globally on behalf of the LEO Pharma group. LEO Pharma UK invests heavily in research and development and advancing care for people who need it most.

Context and market situation:

Due to legislation changes reps are no longer allowed to freely carry samples to Hospitals themselves, products must be distributed through a fully controlled and recorded supply chain to guarantee the product sample hasn’t been tainted in anyway. LEO Pharma already had a solution in place with an alternative service provider but with coming launch of Enstilar® (a prescription medicine used on the skin to treat plaque psoriasis) LEO Pharma were concerned that their current provider wouldn’t be able to handle this launch effectively and ensure there were no compromises in regard to quality controls and abiding legislation surrounding product samples. Alloga UK were only too happy to offer a solution that could fill all LEO’s requirements.

Key Objectives for Leo Pharma and Alloga:

  1. Ensure the product launch samples are fully compliant with MHRA legislation 
  2. Have a method that is easy to use for the reps and doesn’t take up too much time 
  3. Reps are fully trained and comfortable to use the Alloga UK Sampling App 
  4. All the correct quality controls are in place to handle the sample deliveries and avoid any delivery issues

LEO Pharma’s main priority and value was in the increased control now applied through full batch traceability and volume of orders taken by each rep and to which hospital or pharmacy etc. They wanted to ensure no quality issues could get in the way of their ‘Enstilar’ product launch and were happy when Alloga UK not only made life easier for reps but also created a slick supply chain solution for new product samples to Hospitals and Clinics across the UK. 

Approach and activities:

Alloga UK developed the Sampling App in time to support LEO Pharma’s product launch. The Sampling App was set-up containing all the following information: Users, Regions, Regional Managers, Specified Administration users, Healthcare Institutions being delivered to, Product Information and LEO Pharma’s logo to personalise the app. All this information could then be shown through the app by the rep during each visit with a Health Care Professional (HCP) avoiding lots of paper-based documentation. The app provides the reps with a simplied method of taking sample orders, ensuring that the right data is quickly captured from the HCP whilst increasing the speed of order fullment. This solution also left LEO Pharma’s quality department con dent in the knowledge that all the product samples were being handled correctly whilst being able to access any order or delivery information as and when they need it through Alloga UK’s Partner Portal. 
Throughout the process LEO Pharma expressed the importance that their reps felt comfortable using the Sampling App, we recognised this importance and put the training steps in place. Our IT team met with each regional rep manager to train them in how to use the app and provide them with the information to train and support their regional teams. This approach worked extremely well, and LEO Pharma’s rep teams went into the product launch with full con dence in the Sampling App.

App features developed

  • Ordering: Captures authorised sample orders
  • Delivery: Sample orders are delivered following GDP guidelines
  • Portability: Accessibility form smart phones and tablets
  • Guarantee: Only registered institutions can order samples
  • Control: Administrator roles can control sales rep’s spend
  • Efficiency: Reps are prompted of their remaining sample spend every time they create and confirm an order

How it works

7 steps for application usage

  1. Access: Sales reps access the app from their device to either view existing orders or to place a new one
  2. Details: The app requires the user to insert the Institution details receiving the sample
  3. Select: Sales rep selects the product needed then confirm the quantity and the app then shows the order value and the Rep’s remaining credit
  4. Confirmed: The order is confirmed with the healthcare Professional (HCP) via a sign on glass signature
  5. Received: Once the order is received this then feeds into Alloga UK’s warehouse management system and that day’s work flow
  6. 4pm cut-off: If placed before that day’s 4 pm cut-off time that order if a UK mainland destination can be received the next day
  7. Delivered: Order is delivered following required temperature controls with point of delivery (POD) signed for delivery confirmation and a digital image made available

The results

  • Save time and money
    Reps avoid having to use timely paper-based documents and methods for orders
  • Reduced admin overhead
  • Traceability
    Full systematic batch traceability
  • Efficiency: Makes reps more efficient in sample ordering
    Cost effective
  • Managed and controlled
    Sample spend
  • 56 sales reps using the app
  • 169 orders placed via the app in 7 months
  • 169 medicinal orders
    GMC/NMC references
  • 132 delivery points receiving sample orders

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Case Study: How an Alloga App helped LEO Pharma tackle legislation changes around Sampling

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